Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting ready..........

The Hook In is not far away and I'm not going to leave everything to the last minute so I've gone out and purchased a few comfy chairs. After the boys leave for Innisville today I am going to take my measuring tape and do a little surveying of the back room in order to make space.
Nobody make space like we do. Cecile and I are to short to move anything so I will be calling in the big guns to help. aka Cliff and Travis. They will wine and have a better idea but the whip is out and I'm not afraid to use it and they know it. lol
It was a pretty exciting night last night with the Canadian Hockey team winning gold and the spectacular closing ceremonies. I think we can give ourselves a big pat on the back and be very Proud to be Canadian. I think we did " Own the Podium" and if my tax dollars are going there then I would rather that than into some politicians pocket. What a great investment in our youth! As Travis pointed out to me last night, " Mom you win the gold in hockey the silver is what they give to the losers, it's the consolation prize". Out of the mouths of babes............
Back to work tomorrow

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