Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We have air!

For those of you who don't like to shop in this heat, we have air. Come in and shop in comfort, sit down and have a look through our book and shop till you drop. lol
Bad Betty is away and we miss you, so if you are ready this post we can't wait for your return. Knitters was very quiet yesterday as we were all concenctrating on our project. It was nice to see Connie and Josie out and all the regulars. I think by next week most of us will rise to the challenge and start a pair of toe up socks.
Rug hooking Wednesday afternoon and don't forget our Hook In Friday from 9:30-3:30.
A little bird named Raymond, told Cliff, that Barb Powers is back from Africa. Hope to see you at the Hook In with an update on your trip.
There is a new selection of dyed wools for hooking now in the shop for those of you who are looking. For those of you who are interested in doing wet felting we have lots of fibre at very reasonable prices. I might do some myself after having a new customer in yesterday. Funny how you become excited about a product all over again.
On a personal note. For those of you who know Sheena is having twins, the babies are moving and I'm getting a little more excited each day.
Hope you're all having a great summer.
Mary Anne

Friday, July 23, 2010

Electric quilt 7

Electric Quilt 7 is now in the store. price is $189.95 for anyone interested. The Wonderfil thread for machine embroidery and machine quilting is now on half price. I have the Tuitti, Accent and Rayon in stock right now but going fast.
Our button exchange is in and all the great new buttons for fall are out. There are some interesting buttons for those of you who do Scrapbooking. It almost gets me in the mood to do some Scrapbooking myself.
The Line Dancing Girls were in this afternoon and purchased some of the cowboy boot buttons and are going to make pewter earings. It never ends. I always things to myself "pay attention there'll be a test on this in the morning". lol . For those of you wh are waiting for the Prym replacement lead, we now have it in stock and in colours as well.
There are several new quilting books that have just arrived for the "Art Quilter" out there.
For those of you who are interested we are having our Monthly hook In a week from today on Friday from 10-3, there are still some spaces left and we do have airconditioning.
Have a great weekend.
Mary Anne

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another beautiful day

What a great day. I don't remember a summer when we used the pool so much. With all this hot weather it is definately the answer at the end of the day.
Our Wonderfil machine embroidery thread is now on half price. I am looking at a new line and in order to make room we need to move out the old and bring in the new.
I hope to see some of our Christmas Fabric and new fall yarns arriving shortly. The snow will fly before we know it and I know some of our groups are starting their Christmas projects already. I will be very busy this Christmas with twins so I need to take some of my own advice and get started.
Our Knitters group are still meeting on Tuesday afternoons, Hookers on Wednesday afternoons and Stitchers on Thursday morning. You would be quite surprised at what gets accomplished in these groups so drop in and check us out.
I have the Electric Quilt 7 cds on the way for anyone who is interested.
I will let you know via the blog as soon as they are in.

Off to the barbecue.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Ice is In!!!!

For those of you who know me well you know that Travis has been playing hockey for most of his 20 years. Well, this is one of the first summers that we haven't had to travel to Jr. Camps or hockey schools as he is going to College this year and going back to his team of last year the Deseronto Storm. Well, the ice is in and the rookie camp had been going well and of course Travis was in his element back on skates. New of the day was, broken nose and four stitches from a high stick. I haven't seem him yet today but I am sure that the black eyes will follow. I am surprized that he hasn't had a facial injury before now. So, when you see the flower delivery guy coming to your door, he hasn't been in a bar fight but a hockey altercation.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

For the Rug Hooking Girls

Just a note for our Wednesday hookers. Sassy has been in an accident in the U.S. She should be home in Belleville when you read this. Tina let me know today. According to reports I have read online she and her daughter are okay. The car is a write off.

Baby it's hot outside..........

What a week! If we're not complaining about the weather I guess we're just not satisfied. Wow is it hot! Geri and I made it through the Prince Edward County Show thanks to the air but my goodness it is hot outside but thank goodness we have AIR! I slip from one spot to the next but only to get back into the air. I'm not sure it is a good thing because your body never warms up but for now I'm going for the air conditioning. I'll suffer the consequences later.
Cecile has started teaching on Saturdays and well as Mondays for those of you who can't make it to the weekday classes. Drop in and check out some of her classes for the summer. She has done some quick and easy quilt classes for beginners and for those of you who just want to freshen up your skills.
We carry Wonderfil thread in the shop and are making room for a new line of embroidery thread. For those of you who are looking for a special, we will have the Wonderfil on sale July 23,24 and 25th for half price. This applies only to the Embroidery thread.
Have a great rest of the week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prince Edward County Quilt Show

Geri and I are off to the quilt show again this morning. I had forgotten how tiring these things can be. Standing on cement is a killer for a long period of time but thankfully we remembered to bring our piece of rubber flooring along with us and that has saved both of us.
I haven't had time to go in and even look at the show the crowds were so large yesterday. The lineup was out the door and the crowd in the vendors mall was unbelievable . I was a little skeptical how many would attend in this heat but they came out in droves and the support is unbelievable.
These girls know how to run a quilt show. They can't do enough for the Vendors, from feeding us to making sure we have enough water to drink to assisting in booths if necessary. I didn't speak to one unhappy vendor.
HOpe to see you at the show.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Prince Edward County Quilt Show

This is the weekend we have all been waiting for. Prince Edward County are holding their quilt show at the Arena in Picton. We will be there both
Saturday and Sunday and hope to see some of you there.
I spent Thursday afternoon packing in that heat and I can tell you it was an effort. Hopefullly it cools off before the weekend. The Vendors have air conditioning so you can shop till you drop. lol
Nice to see Fran out to Thursday stitching even if it was just for a visit.
I can understand the breathing issue in this weather as I am experiencing some difficulty myself.
Hope to see you all at the show.
Mary Anne

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Off to the County

Cliff and I are off to the County for a day of shopping. There is a red barn on White Church road? It is near the cement plant. If you are coming from Trenton you go through Picton past the arena and hospital and it is on the left. I know where I am going but forget the name of the road.
I'm sure I will be able to find it. Apparently the weekend of the 17th they are having something like a Pioneer day. Lots of artisans. So, in case I can't make it I am going for my look today. Then off to Deseronto to some kind of show that is supposed to be on in that area. In short, I am escaping for the day. To much work and to much 20 year old are more than I can bear. lol. I need the break.
I've been out in my garden and something is eating my marigolds. I stirred the soil up a little bit hoping to expose the varmits but they're quick. Off to the pool this afternoon and hopefully don't get to burnt.
My knitting is sitting next to me as I type, begging to be finished.
Maybe tonight and I will surprise you all at knitting on Tuesday.

Have a great day you guys. Enjoy it. The laundry, dishes and housework will wait. The skies are blue and it's a gorgeous day. Good for the soul

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The weekend...........

Hope all of you are taking the time and enjoying this beautiful weekend. I am stuck inside in the air conditioning at this point but I look forward to spending a little time in the pool later on. Don't forget your sunscreen this weekend or you could be in real trouble.
We will be at the Prince Edward County Quilt show this coming weekend and hopefully it won't be to hot but I do hope the weather is nice for the quilters. I can't wait to see you all there.
Geri and I will be taking a good selection of quilting fabrics as well as our rug hooking supplies for those of you staying at cottages. I am working on some kits as I type and hope to have them ready to take with me. I will bring along hooks and cutters and blades as well.
There will also be a selection of yarns that you can hook or knit with. The Mango Moon and the Noro to name a few. I love working with the Noro boucle in the Deanne Fitzpatrick piece that I am doing.It works up quickly and gives another texture to the piece.
If there is anything that you want me to take to the show, that you are unable to get into the shop and get, please let me know by email and I will bring it if I have it in the shop.
Thanks to Phyllis for bringing Angel food cake and strawberries to our hooking day. I'm sure my Dr. would approve. The deserts are killing me.
That and the cheese. I am cheese free for a month now. Travis asked his Dad if I was going to buy them food. I have found that since I've been on the diet I only buy what I can eat. I broke down, and to their surprize I bought them some junk last night. They're in heaven. The dog loves me too.
He gets a nice walk at the end of every day (to help with my exercize)
but I notice by the time I get back to the house he's draggin tail and can't wait to get inside to collapse on the couch in the air conditioning.
Hope to see all of you at knitting on Tuesday.