Saturday, July 3, 2010

The weekend...........

Hope all of you are taking the time and enjoying this beautiful weekend. I am stuck inside in the air conditioning at this point but I look forward to spending a little time in the pool later on. Don't forget your sunscreen this weekend or you could be in real trouble.
We will be at the Prince Edward County Quilt show this coming weekend and hopefully it won't be to hot but I do hope the weather is nice for the quilters. I can't wait to see you all there.
Geri and I will be taking a good selection of quilting fabrics as well as our rug hooking supplies for those of you staying at cottages. I am working on some kits as I type and hope to have them ready to take with me. I will bring along hooks and cutters and blades as well.
There will also be a selection of yarns that you can hook or knit with. The Mango Moon and the Noro to name a few. I love working with the Noro boucle in the Deanne Fitzpatrick piece that I am doing.It works up quickly and gives another texture to the piece.
If there is anything that you want me to take to the show, that you are unable to get into the shop and get, please let me know by email and I will bring it if I have it in the shop.
Thanks to Phyllis for bringing Angel food cake and strawberries to our hooking day. I'm sure my Dr. would approve. The deserts are killing me.
That and the cheese. I am cheese free for a month now. Travis asked his Dad if I was going to buy them food. I have found that since I've been on the diet I only buy what I can eat. I broke down, and to their surprize I bought them some junk last night. They're in heaven. The dog loves me too.
He gets a nice walk at the end of every day (to help with my exercize)
but I notice by the time I get back to the house he's draggin tail and can't wait to get inside to collapse on the couch in the air conditioning.
Hope to see all of you at knitting on Tuesday.

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