Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prince Edward County Quilt Show

Geri and I are off to the quilt show again this morning. I had forgotten how tiring these things can be. Standing on cement is a killer for a long period of time but thankfully we remembered to bring our piece of rubber flooring along with us and that has saved both of us.
I haven't had time to go in and even look at the show the crowds were so large yesterday. The lineup was out the door and the crowd in the vendors mall was unbelievable . I was a little skeptical how many would attend in this heat but they came out in droves and the support is unbelievable.
These girls know how to run a quilt show. They can't do enough for the Vendors, from feeding us to making sure we have enough water to drink to assisting in booths if necessary. I didn't speak to one unhappy vendor.
HOpe to see you at the show.

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