Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spin in Successful

I have been neglecting my blog and thought I had better update all of you on what has been going on. The third Friday of the month has become spinning day. I had a rather large fleece given to me and Pat Leclair did the cleaning and carding so I am currently practicing on that.I'm going to dye it when I'm finished and then hook with it. I find the spinning very relaxing so when the blood pressure is up , I sit down and spin. Seems to be working for now. lol
Thank you to Dianne for all the help with the spinning. You are a very patient teacher and that has made the learning very enjoyable. Several years ago I had picked up some Wensleydale that had been beautifully dyed and have tried to spin it on my own and although it seems to go well for awhile there have been some issues. Can't wait for the spin in on the 4th of October in Belleville to get some feedback.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A great time was had by all!

If you were unable to attend the Hook In in Campbellford Monday you missed out. Sorry Betty that you had to deliver and pick up and vehicle. It was a great time. I didn't count but there were at least 25 hookers and we had a beautiful spot on the water. The weather was great and there was a nice breeze off the water that made it a lovely place to spend the day. The Campbellford girls outdid themselves and if you didn't find something on the sweet table to your liking then you were just to picky. I need the recipe for the raspberry squares. Yummmmmy!
I can't wait to see the picture of everyone on the bridge with their rugs. I also can't wait to see the headline they come up with for the paper. People always do a second take when you tell them " I'm a hooker". lol
Thanks to all who supported the event and thanks to the girls who loaded me up at the end of the day. I am terrible with names but your faces I won't forget. I'm off to bed early tonight. All that fresh air has wiped me out.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Off to the Hook In Monday

Well ladies I am off the the Hook In in Campbellford on Monday.Wish for good weather as we will be out in the park. If we get the weather we are getting today, all will be successful. I have to confess that this is more pleasure than business. Although I try to get to Campbellford to hook on Mondays it never seems in the cards as I am spreading myself between the two businesses. My daughter says to me this morning" the twins and I were thinking of coming down on Monday". Of course they were! To late, I have a date. I have seen her appointment book and unfortunately mine is just as full lately. Where there's a will there's a way and I will get to see those cute little grandbabies. Carter is almost 23 lbs with Peyton the petite weighing in at 21 lbs. The Dr.says they are on the high side of the scale but assures Sheena they are not overweight. Smart man! lol

There was another large shipment of Christmas fabric that arrived on Friday so if you are thinking of whipping up a little Christmas gift for that special someone I encourage you to stop in and get your fabric while it lasts. It is selling quickly and we have practically sold out of some Christmas already and that is always a good sign.

I can't thank all of my customers enough for your constant support during tough economic times. I am constantly on the look out for specials and when I get them I will pass them on to you so keep your eyes peeled for either the blog or your email if you are on our mailing list. I also have a facebook page that you might want to check out.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More new arrivals

More new arrivals for fall today. Those of you waiting for fabrics, I had a large black and white shipment arrive today. There was also several shades of blue arrive for use in the Mock Log Cabin quilt. Blue is the number one selling colour and hopefully you will find a shade of blue to make you happy. There was also 11 new colours of Frill Seeker arrive today for you knitters who have been waiting for it. Frill Seeker continues to sell at an alarming rate and I will continue to try and keep the stock updated as best I can. If you are knitting for Christmas or for bazaars, get it early as it doesn't seem to stay on the shelves long.

Knitters were back in full force today as summer has come to an end and everyone is back into routine. Scarves,sweaters, shawls and socks are being knitted for fall and Christmas. Yes, I know I said the word but Christmas will be upon us before you know it and why not start early and work at your leisure on gifts for your friends and family. Friday sewing has been set up for just such projects. Everyone seems to get more done in a group situation so don't forget to sign up. Classes are in full swing and are filling up quickly so don't forget to get in and see what's going on. Cecile is teaching a technique class so if you need to sharpen up drop in and check it out.
There was a report that an senior citizen was seen storming out of a local pharmacy after being kept waiting to long. My concern was for her blood pressure. lol . Cliff would say you had lovely rosy cheeks B.B.
Twin update. The twins are growing at an alarming rate. Carter has seven teeth while Peyton is happy gumming it. They are growing so fast and are such happy babies. WE are blessed.