Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More new arrivals

More new arrivals for fall today. Those of you waiting for fabrics, I had a large black and white shipment arrive today. There was also several shades of blue arrive for use in the Mock Log Cabin quilt. Blue is the number one selling colour and hopefully you will find a shade of blue to make you happy. There was also 11 new colours of Frill Seeker arrive today for you knitters who have been waiting for it. Frill Seeker continues to sell at an alarming rate and I will continue to try and keep the stock updated as best I can. If you are knitting for Christmas or for bazaars, get it early as it doesn't seem to stay on the shelves long.

Knitters were back in full force today as summer has come to an end and everyone is back into routine. Scarves,sweaters, shawls and socks are being knitted for fall and Christmas. Yes, I know I said the word but Christmas will be upon us before you know it and why not start early and work at your leisure on gifts for your friends and family. Friday sewing has been set up for just such projects. Everyone seems to get more done in a group situation so don't forget to sign up. Classes are in full swing and are filling up quickly so don't forget to get in and see what's going on. Cecile is teaching a technique class so if you need to sharpen up drop in and check it out.
There was a report that an senior citizen was seen storming out of a local pharmacy after being kept waiting to long. My concern was for her blood pressure. lol . Cliff would say you had lovely rosy cheeks B.B.
Twin update. The twins are growing at an alarming rate. Carter has seven teeth while Peyton is happy gumming it. They are growing so fast and are such happy babies. WE are blessed.

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