Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

It's early Christmsas Eve morning and I am writing on this blog for the first time in months. Personally my year has been a nightmare , professionally it has been a successful year. We have grown as a business and I have the best customers around.
I have taken on dyeing of our wool fabrics for rug hooking with a vengeance. I dye more than I cook lately and that's saying something if you know my love of cooking. Dyeing has been my therapy this year and it's cheaper and more fulfilling than going into therapy. Rug hooking has become a passion and I am lucky to hook with a number of wonderful hookers of all ages.
Mixed media group meets Thursday's at the shop and I have learned as much from them as they have from me. Knitting, embroidery, crocheting and quilting are the order of the day in that group and they are all supportive of each other.
Knitters meet on Tuesday afternoons at the shop and more friendships have been formed. It's impossible to know everything and with the variety in ages I get a sense of what's old and what's new again. These women are free with sharing their ideas and chat with customers and willingly share their knowledge.
A large group of hookers  meet regularly on Wednesday and they are some of the most caring and supportive people I've met.
This year I have experienced great personal loss in my own life as well as professional loss of customers. They became my friends and I will miss them.
I want to end on a positive note and wish everyone the merriest of Christmases. It's not about the gift giving, it's about the time you get to spend with your family. You don't get that time back and to Kate we realize how important it is. Hold your family and friends close this season and laugh and enjoy your time together . Memories are wonderful, so make some this Christmas
Mary Anne

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quilters Shop Hop

Our Quilters Shop Hop has come to an end for another year and the turnout was terrific. After having such a bad winter I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone out taking advantage of all the specials in the local shops. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we are all delighted.
I am excited to announce that Bev Box of Trenton, has won our gift basket. Bev is a long time customer here at the shop and I know she will put all the items to use that are in our basket.
I am still waiting patiently for some beautiful spring fabrics and when they arrive I will share a picture with you here on the blog.
I've been busy dyeing up a storm for my rug hookers and have just purchased a new book for the shop from Gretchen Gibbons . It's for wool applique and you can use all that wool for both hooking and quilting. I'm having alot of fun dyeing colours for both.
We had a nice turnout today for knitting but still have some of our ladies in the south enjoying the warmer weather. We all look forward to seeing you back in the Canadian North soon and bring some of that lovely sunshine with you.
We have new yarns and fabrics for spring arriving daily so don't forget to drop by and check out the new offerings.
Mary Anne

Monday, January 27, 2014

Small flood

I started the new year with promises to keep the blog up to date. I really did try to keep the promise but Mother Nature had other plans for me. Last Wednesday just when our rug hooking group was about to start, a frozen pipe in our ceiling burst. Six gallons a minute poured out of our ceiling in the yarn room. I'm sure it was more than that. Thanks to the help of Jane Thomas and Ellen Harry , they managed to keep the damage to a minimum. We are dried out and although we will need new carpeting and a little drywall we are up and running and business as usual. As a result we are doing some serious spring cleaning . Blah!
I am going to spend the day dyeing as it is still snowing as I write this post.
New fabrics are arriving daily and some beautiful Michael Miller fabrics that are very retro.
The knitters have kept me busy this winter so keep an eye out for new yarns arriving daily.
Have a great day
Mary Anne

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

It has been some time since I have posted to this blog and my New Years resolution is to try and keep up. The new year has come in on a high note and although it has been extremely cold ,I have to admire the tenacity of you women for getting out in this weather.
Knitters continue to meet on Tuesday afternoons from 1-3 all are welcome. I had my hands on some beautiful Alpaca yarn today for Amazing Graze Alpacas. They are located north of Stirling and I'm going to try and make a trip especially now that I've handled some of their product.
Hookers meet on Wednesday afternoons form 1-3 and this group is ever changing and they are all a fountain of information and opinions. lol Please call and book if you are new to this group.
Thursday morning is a mixture of knitters,quilters and stitchers and meets from 9:30-11:30.  I'm available for help if you are having a problem with a project .
All groups are very informal and there is always someone that can help with a problem .

For the hookers: I have been busy dyeing wool for you and if there are any special requests please inquire. I dye fabric and yarn on a weekly basis so if there is something special you would like Inwill be happy to accommodate you.

Knitters: we have yarns arriving weekly. Please try and bear with us as I am finding that shipping is a little slower and some companies don't carry a lot of stock these days. All of us are monitoring our inventories carefully. We strive to get you what you want.

Quilters: Fabrics and notions are ever changing so don't be afraid to drop in regularly and check out our new arrivals.

I'm off to the dye pots
Mary Anne