Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall is just around the corner

I know you hate for me to say that but fall is just around the corner. The cooler nights are a good indication but I may have to eat my words after todays temperature. It is so hot outside that I'm almost afraid to leave the air conditioning. Everyone must have felt the same way today because the front door hasn't stopped opening and closing. I think we're like the animals and someone said it's going to be a long winter and women are out collecting for their indoor projects.
Classes are set for September and we are very excited about the new sewing classes. Pat is teaching a silk camisole for you to wear under your beautiful blouses and there are lots of quilting, hooking and stitching things going on as well.
I am trying to accomodate you ladies who are working all day so please bear with me. This year I am teaching a quilt in a day for the ladies who want to learn but can't give up four nights or four weekends. I hope this allows you to get started and enjoy the quilting bug like the rest of us.
Hookers, Janice Daniels is starting an inch mat class and you don't want to miss out. The class is already half full so don't forget to sign up!
We are still stitching, knitting and hand quilting on Thursday morning, so if you're stuck on something or need help , don't be afraid to join us and I will try to solve your problem. There are no machines at this class.
See you soon

Friday, August 3, 2012

New fall arrivals

I find it rather amusing that I am announcing fall arrivals in the middle of the hottest part of the summer. It doesn't feel anything at all like fall, but like death and taxes, you will be able to count on fall coming and before you know it we will be into the cooler weather. The PUL fabric that is completely waterproof has taken on a life of its own and I find people using it for various projects. Pat has made the cutest rain poncho and will be teaching it this fall. The monster fabric print in the PUL fabric is now in stock so for those of you who have been waiting my suggestion is to move quickly as I had barely opened it and it began selling.
There are numerous new fabrics for all your quilting and sewing projects this summer/fall so stop in and check them out.
Pat will be running another Chino Coat class so if you want on the list please make sure to call the shop as it fills up quickly.
The yarn is about to roll in. Knitters beware! lol . The yarn orders for fall are starting to roll in and I am so delighted with the selections. For the sock knitters there will be some dip dyed as well as patterned yarn.
There are many new shades of Baby Bamboo on the way as well.
The Dreamz Interchangeable  Needle Sets should be in this shipment as well. For those of you who haven't used these needles, make sure they are on your Christmas list. They are amazing to work with.
As we get organized for fall make sure to check in on a regular basis. I will be running some daily specials that will make it worth your while.
Check out the Andjareenas Place facebook page.
Mary Anne