Friday, June 22, 2012

More new fabric

Two very new and unusual fabrics. I was asked over and over again for Giraffe fabric and the one to the right is a pretty good one I think.
Just a small sampling of what is to come.
Mary Anne

New Laurel Burch Fabrics

This is a sampling of the Lauren Burch Fabrics that have just arrived Butterflies and Dragonflies adorn this fabric and it is selling already, even in this hot weather. Apparently we all still sew in this heat. lol
Don't wait to long!


I just wanted to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes I received yesterday. A big thank you to Bad Betty for her beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday.
Thanks again
Mary Anne

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's hot, but we have air!

We have had a very busy week at Andjareenas Place . Just when I thought that I wouldn't see anyone out in this heat, I was pleasantly surprized with the number than have been through the shop. Trent Valley Quilters had their end of the year pot luck and I saw several members through the shop on Tuesday  , before and after the meeting. Hookers were out in full force today and we are planning our fall classes. Janice is on the road to recovery after her knee surgery and we look forward to her teaching again this fall.
Pat and I have been working diligently at our class list for the fall and there will be lots of sewing and quilting on our list. I am getting ready for the Prince Edward County Quilt Show and the creative juices are flowing.
We have had an enormous interest in sewing lately and I am happy to offer classes. It is great that there are so many interested in learning. Both young and old are interested in classes and we are interested in sharing the knowledge.
Just a note to let Maureen know that we are thinking of you and hope you will be back to knitting soon. I hope you will be able to get out and about soon and we will be happy to see you.
PUL fabrics are taking off and we are actually close to selling out of a few of them. Drop in and see this waterproof fabric that is being used for diaper covers, change table pads, raincoats etc. One customer pointed out to me today that it would be great for a bottom sheet for a little one that is in training but having night time accidents. What a great idea!
Christmas fabrics are rolling in daily so don't miss out on the new flannels that are in. These will be sold out well before Christmas and some of the companion prints can be used for projects that are not for Christmas.
Hope to see all of you out and about soon and with the same excitement that I have for sewing this fall
Mary Anne

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spin in Friday

We are spinning this Friday from 9:30-3. Hope to see you all out.
I've been spinning some alpaca that Pat from Dyeing for Colour gave me and realized that I could ply it along with some merino that I had from Fleece Artist. It worked great and I am very pleased with the finished product. I just have to decide whether to hook it or knit it.
We will miss Janice on Friday . Keep off that knee and we all hope you're feeling better and we miss your smiling face.
This is my year to finish! I have several quilt, smocking and hooking projects that need to be completed and I have been spring cleaning and organizing my projects like crazy. The first two Fridays of the month will become sewing days for us an Andjareenas.  Lots of classes are in the works and those of you who are interested in beginner sewing need to contact the shop and get on the list. I am so excited about this fall and all the new classes.
For those of you who are interested in hooking this summer, drop in on Wednesday afternoons and we will help you get started. Janice will be teaching this fall after her knee is better and we can hardly wait but in the meantime we can help you get started on Wednesdays. It is an informal group and I will get you started on your hooking career. lol
I have air conditioning in the shop so don't worry about coming out in the heat.
Hope to see you all this summer.
Mary Anne

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Quilt Shows!

Geri and I have finally made it back to Canada after 12 hours. We took in the Quilt show in Kingston this morning, had a great lunch there and met up with several friends from Trenton and Kingston.
The show was really great and it was so nice to see so many different styles of quilting. Often I have gone to shows and you see the same quilt over and over again , but in different colours. That wasn't the case today . I was really excited about all the different types of quilts and all the embellishments that went along with them. I got some great ideas to teach the kids. They love bling, and I saw lots of examples of that today.
Next show, Clayton, New York. We were met with a totally different quilt show there and an amazing selection of quilts and vendors as well. Although I was unable to find the fabric I had been looking for, I did find some great vendors with some really beautiful wool fabrics and I also found a spinner/weaver who had some fabulous yarns( of which I bought several). I loved it when the man said to me " I could listen to you speak all day" , apparently I have an accent. lol . Can you just say eh once? Are you kidding me. He took the words right out of my mouth. The two of them had the greatest accents so we had a good laugh over that. Everyone was very friendly and Geri and I took off for Watertown from there. We shopped and I managed to find a great spinning book as well as a pair of sandals for Peyton.
We shopped till we dropped and made it back home in one piece.
Hope you all had as good a weekend as I did.
Mary Anne

New Classes

Pat and I have been working very hard this week getting new classes set for the shop. Drop in and check out some of our great quilt and sewing classes. I am asked daily about sewing classes and I am always trying to figure out how to make everyone happy. We all have a very busy lifestyle and no one seems to have weeks to dedicate to a project and I am trying to work out classes that will educate and teach, but will still allow you not to dedicate a four or six week stint of consecutive days to complete. If everyone does their homework, lol, I think we will be successful. As Dr. Oz says " everyone has seven minutes a day to exercize". lol. I haven't found my seven minutes but I am sure I could if it was for sewing or knitting.

Geri and I are off to Quilt Kingson this morning and then across the border to check out another quilt show in Clayton  New York. I am enjoying being a customer instead of a vendor. I never seemed to get a chance to really enjoy the shows from the other side of the fence and I am amazed how much I was missing. I love visiting with people I haven't seen in a long time and having time to sit and have lunch or a cup of coffee.

PUL fabric has taken off! I have a large selection of the waterproof fabric in the shop and in the last week I am seeing some real action. Lots of young Mom's who have moved away from disposable diapers and are making their own cloth diapers and fancy pants. This fabric makes great raincoats or is good for any other waterproof project you might have. I have even sold it for cushion covers for outside. I am so glad that the young Mom's are interested in cleaning up our environment and not using disposables as I have first hand knowledge of how many diapers are created in just one family. lol

My little grandaughter is finally walking. She has been walking on her knees for some time now trying to get her balance and her brother has been patiently waiting for someone to run along side of him. Well Carter, she is on the run now and you will have to try and catch

Note: All groups will continue to meet this summer and everyone is welcome. Knitters meet Tuesdays from 1-3, Hookers meet on Wednesdays from 1-3, and we have a mixed group that meet on Thursday mornings from 9:30-11:30. I have air conditioning for those of you who have difficulty with the heat( I know it's coming).
I will try to give an update on the shows when I get back home tonight.
Bye for now.