Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Quilt Shows!

Geri and I have finally made it back to Canada after 12 hours. We took in the Quilt show in Kingston this morning, had a great lunch there and met up with several friends from Trenton and Kingston.
The show was really great and it was so nice to see so many different styles of quilting. Often I have gone to shows and you see the same quilt over and over again , but in different colours. That wasn't the case today . I was really excited about all the different types of quilts and all the embellishments that went along with them. I got some great ideas to teach the kids. They love bling, and I saw lots of examples of that today.
Next show, Clayton, New York. We were met with a totally different quilt show there and an amazing selection of quilts and vendors as well. Although I was unable to find the fabric I had been looking for, I did find some great vendors with some really beautiful wool fabrics and I also found a spinner/weaver who had some fabulous yarns( of which I bought several). I loved it when the man said to me " I could listen to you speak all day" , apparently I have an accent. lol . Can you just say eh once? Are you kidding me. He took the words right out of my mouth. The two of them had the greatest accents so we had a good laugh over that. Everyone was very friendly and Geri and I took off for Watertown from there. We shopped and I managed to find a great spinning book as well as a pair of sandals for Peyton.
We shopped till we dropped and made it back home in one piece.
Hope you all had as good a weekend as I did.
Mary Anne

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