Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spin in Friday

We are spinning this Friday from 9:30-3. Hope to see you all out.
I've been spinning some alpaca that Pat from Dyeing for Colour gave me and realized that I could ply it along with some merino that I had from Fleece Artist. It worked great and I am very pleased with the finished product. I just have to decide whether to hook it or knit it.
We will miss Janice on Friday . Keep off that knee and we all hope you're feeling better and we miss your smiling face.
This is my year to finish! I have several quilt, smocking and hooking projects that need to be completed and I have been spring cleaning and organizing my projects like crazy. The first two Fridays of the month will become sewing days for us an Andjareenas.  Lots of classes are in the works and those of you who are interested in beginner sewing need to contact the shop and get on the list. I am so excited about this fall and all the new classes.
For those of you who are interested in hooking this summer, drop in on Wednesday afternoons and we will help you get started. Janice will be teaching this fall after her knee is better and we can hardly wait but in the meantime we can help you get started on Wednesdays. It is an informal group and I will get you started on your hooking career. lol
I have air conditioning in the shop so don't worry about coming out in the heat.
Hope to see you all this summer.
Mary Anne

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