Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Arrivals

Just in!
There is a nice selection of oriental fabrics that have just arrived at the shop. These fabrics do not last long so don't wait to see them. There has been alot of Japanese inspired quilt projects going on so drop in and check them out.

The Soft Landing Queen Size quilt batts are back in stock as well as the 1 lb. bags of Soft Landing Stuffing. 

Dip dyed sock yarn is in and going quickly . I wasn't sure how it was going to knit up  but I've seen some socks taking shape and can't wait to start a pair of my own.

I'm Back

Finally , a little free time to sit down and blog. 
Life has been keeping me very busy.
My Mom fell and broke her arm at my home while looking after the twins. No, they didn't push her down, she stumbled and did it all on her own and that's their story and they're sticking to it.
Our son Travis, has gone off to university in Grand Rapids , Michigan to go to school and play hockey. I'm not sure in what order but I am hoping for the best. lol

My days begin early in the morning and end in the late evening. I am spending quality time with my Mom , who does not slow down or stop and who can still be seen at Lottie Jones running the show.

We have been very busy at Andjareenas Place with lots of classes starting up for the fall. Saturday, we had a rain poncho class with the PUL fabric. What a day. I never saw a day that called for a rain poncho more than this past Saturday. I was amazed at the number of people who were in and out considering the torrential rains we were subjected to. I salute those of you who subjected yourself to that storm.

Hookers have started their inch mats and it was quite amazing to watch them choose from several quilt patterns to plan their rugs. We are multi purpose if nothing else.

ttyl M.