Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hook In Friday

There will be a Hook In on Friday as it is our last Friday of the month. I thought I had one more week to go but Thursday is the last day of the month this month and then we are into June so don't forget.
Janice has been away hooking and presented us with new classes for the fall and I can hardly wait.
Pat has been working away on classes and it will be mid summer before we get anything underway. I will give you all time to get your gardening done so you won't be distracted. lol
She has a very funky Swing Coat from Indygo Junction on display so drop in and see it.

I am off to Wellington in July for the Prince Edward County Quilt Show and can hardly wait to see the new venue. I have new fabrics arriving daily and am preparing already for the show. Pat, from Dyeing for Colour, has done some great dyeing of wools for those of you who are doing quilting art. Beautiful abrashed colours are adorning my shelves so if you're looking for wool fabrics for applique and quilting you can find a very good selection on my shelves.

Knitters, I have had another shipment of baby yarns arrive and some great new patterns. I am waiting for the Dreamz needles still but they seem to ship when I least expect it. For those of you who are looking for those slouch hat patterns I have ordered more and expect them within a few days.

It's another beautiful start to the day . I'm wishing you all a great one.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spin In today

What a great day! Got lots of spinning done. I was glad to see Diane, Margaret , Barb, Deb,and Kerry out today. We missed Diane T. , Betty, Phyllis and Janice but I understand your other commitments. Hopefully Janice got through Toronto before the holiday weekend rush. Stay off the roads. lol
Pat has been busy moving things around the shop and I am always surprised at a new find. It's like having a new shipment of notions every day.
The Cabin Fever sock book is back in stock for those of you who have been waiting for it and there are some new shrug patterns and some new top down baby sweater patterns that arrived late today.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spin in Tomorrow

Well, it's been quite a week. I am finally back from the flower shop and have been knittng, hooking and Friday is our monthly spin in. Yahoo!
Although I love working with flowers as it is my first profession, I have to admit that I missed all of you and everything I do here at Andjareenas.
Just a note to let Bad Betty, Janice and Pauline  and Maureen that I missed you this week.
Hope that the Hooking in Niagara was great and I can't wait to hear the stories. A speedy recovery to Rose on her knee  surgery and to Maureen on her foot surgery.  Keep those two at home waiting on you. lol
Spinning is on Friday and I can't wait.                                                                         
See you all there.
Mary Anne

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mothers Day is coming

For those of you who know me you will know what that title means. Yes, I am off to Lottie Jones Florist for the next week to help with the overflow of orders.
All groups will be meeting as usual and Sharon and Pat will be looking after you all.
Pat Schwartz is a new addition to our staff. Pat, has been in retail all her life and is a wonderful person that I am so excited to have. She brings with her a wealth of sewing knowledge. I always referred to Pat as the serger queen. lol. Many times I Pat would help me rethread and trouble shoot my serger and I would go away feeling like I could master it. Surprisingly I have mastered the threading of the beast and I keep my class notes nearby and haven't done to bad a job.
Sharon will be there all week to help you as well. So for those of you with knitting issues, see Sharon. We are training Pat on the ins and outs of knitting but it is still new for her, so please have patience.
I apologize for not being at the Peterborough Spinners and weavers show this weekend. There was a death in the family and with everything going on I just didn't have it in me. I promise to come again if asked. Thank you all for your understanding.
In closing, I would like to remind you not to forget your Mother, or the Mother figure in your life. I have lots of gift certificates to sell for that special someone and if that doesn't work for you I can recommend a good flower shop. lol
Until next time
Have a great week
Mary Anne