Friday, February 24, 2012

Hooking today

We had a great day at hooking. Unfortunately Mother Nature interfered with snow, something we haven't seen much of this winter. Still, there were five of us who were able to brave the roads and take advantage of the day out. Dianne braved the roads all the way from the County. Bad Betty, who will do anything to make George get out and clean off her van. Barb, who I knew would not be held back and Deb, who was not taking Bob's advice to stay in, and yours truly. What a day. I feel like I made some real head way on the Santa I've been working on. Perhaps he will be done for Christmas. lol
Hope you're thinking of us in the sunny south Janice. We're thinking of you and hoping your weather is good. Remember, it's five o'clock somewhere, so have lots of fun while you're away.
Best wishes go out to Brian on his knee surgery. What a horrible day to be sent home from hospital but I'm sure you will be happy to be home.
Hope to see you next week Pauline.
Thanks to Barb for the lesson on Navajo plying. I'm not sure how good it was but it worked great in my hooking and that's all that matters.
Cheers M.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Knitting today

It was a great afternoon at knitting today. I promise to get that stupid scarf finished this week and have a full report on what I have been up to and why my homework wasn't finished. lol. Yes I have been working on that scarf for some time but every time I get interupted I seem to pick it up and knit in the wrong direction. For heavens sake, they are short rows just like socks I can't believe I continue to make the same mistake.
Frill Seeker is flying out the door and the latest shipment will be gone as well. I continue to try and keep it up to date but it seems that word of mouth is alive and well and I'm meeting people from across the province driving to Trenton to buy it.
The Spin In on Friday was a huge success. Thanks to Diane for the wonderful scones. They were yummy.
I'm spinning some wonderful fibre from Dyeing for Colour and it is working up quite nicely. All your troubles go out the door when you are spinning. I'm sure my blood pressure comes down as well.
My first smocking class is on Thursday of this week. We will be doing a sampler of sorts to practice stitching, a bonnet and a dress. For those of you who are interested in smocking this will be a five week class and I will try to accomodate you. If you do not want to do a bonnet and dress perhaps we could do a nightgown. The idea of the class is to learn to smock. I will help you with your sewing but you should have a knowledge of sewing.
Hookers meet on Friday. See you there.

Machine Embroidery

Andjareenas will be having a machine embroidery class for all of you who have that beautiful embroidery machine that is decorating your sewing room but has yet to be used or perhaps only used one or twice because you just can't get the hang of it. Fran Vidal will be running a class at the shop and for those of you who want to learn some new techniques this is the class to attend. Fran wants you to be able to go home and work along without her help so the object of thsi class is to learn how to do just that. To many times you take a course and make that beautiful project only to realize that it is the only time you will be able to do it on your own. The key to this class is to teach you the techniques that will give you the confidence to go home and make several new projects without the help of the teacher. All machines are welcome so call the shop to book your spot in the class. There will be only four spaces available as we feel that this is the one way that you will get maximum attention. Classes will be held on Tuesday mornings twice a month. M.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Arriving daily

I have new things arriving daily. As I mentioned yesterday the Frill Seeker yarn is in and going fast. I have sold over half the shipment and another is on its way. No, I don't know what colours as I am willing to take anything as anything sells.
Just in is the 120" bamboo/cotton batt for quilters. Those of you who are waiting to get quilts done for the shows this spring, it's now in stock!
Sharon has been busy getting knitting kits together for the slouch hats that are the rage this season. Drop in and check them out at your earliest convenience.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frill Seeker yarn is in!

Frill Seeker yarn is in and selling fast. It wasn't even unpacked and I sold 10 balls in 13 minutes. If you have been waiting for it , don't wait. Come in asap.

We missed seeing Bad Betty today. Hope all is well and you have recovered from the wonderful time you had on your cruise. We're all jealous and waiting patiently for pictures. See you at hooking on Wednesday.

To my Dear Husband. Happy Birthday and thank you for not remembering. It made it easier on me , 'cause I forgot too. lol