Friday, February 24, 2012

Hooking today

We had a great day at hooking. Unfortunately Mother Nature interfered with snow, something we haven't seen much of this winter. Still, there were five of us who were able to brave the roads and take advantage of the day out. Dianne braved the roads all the way from the County. Bad Betty, who will do anything to make George get out and clean off her van. Barb, who I knew would not be held back and Deb, who was not taking Bob's advice to stay in, and yours truly. What a day. I feel like I made some real head way on the Santa I've been working on. Perhaps he will be done for Christmas. lol
Hope you're thinking of us in the sunny south Janice. We're thinking of you and hoping your weather is good. Remember, it's five o'clock somewhere, so have lots of fun while you're away.
Best wishes go out to Brian on his knee surgery. What a horrible day to be sent home from hospital but I'm sure you will be happy to be home.
Hope to see you next week Pauline.
Thanks to Barb for the lesson on Navajo plying. I'm not sure how good it was but it worked great in my hooking and that's all that matters.
Cheers M.

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