Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Still knitting, quilting and sewing

Well, summer is slow to arrive so we all continue to knit, quilt and sew and for my business that is not a bad thing at all. However, my tan is not getting any better at this rate. lol. Even my pool still has its cover on and Cliff is in no hurry to open it up. It's to cold to swim so why pay for chemicals is his thought. Open the Pool!
There have been lots of changes in the shop in the last year. Sharon has retired for the second or third time and at the end of May , Geri Logan has retired.Although they are retired, they are not far from my thoughts and I consult with them regularly.
Pat Schwartz has been at the shop for one year now and I am so delighted to have her. Pat is our in shop sewing consultant. I like that handle and although she would scoff at the title she is really very knowledgeable. We have had some very nice sewing classes since Pat has come on board and she is a sergeing genius. This is said by the girl who had quite a bit of difficulty even threading the serger but with Pat's patience I am now running it like I know how.
 Jayne Thomas is the new hire and I am delighted to have her on board as well. Jayne , for those of you who do not know her is a delightful addition to the shop. Jayne is an avid quilter and sewing enthusiast. She has held a couple of classes since she has come to the shop and they have produced wonderful product and led to very happy customers.
The three of us are working very hard at classes for the summer and fall . There will be Christmas in July as well as another chenille class and some beginner projects for those of you who would like to try your hand at quilting. Everyone can sew. A little instruction goes a long way and all the little tips you will learn along the way will help make your experience an enjoyable one.
All our groups will continue to meet through the summer. I have found in the past that people want to continue the routine so our Knitters will continue to meet Tuesday afternoons from 1-3, Hookers Wednesday from 1-3 and Stitchers on Thursday morning from 9:30-11:30. Everyone is welcome.
The third Friday of the month is our Spin In and the last Friday of the month is our Hook In.
I look forward to meeting with everyone on these days.
I have noticed that it had been quite awhile since I posted. My apologies, but life has gottten in the way. Thank you for your patience and I promise to do better.
Mary Anne