Sunday, July 4, 2010

Off to the County

Cliff and I are off to the County for a day of shopping. There is a red barn on White Church road? It is near the cement plant. If you are coming from Trenton you go through Picton past the arena and hospital and it is on the left. I know where I am going but forget the name of the road.
I'm sure I will be able to find it. Apparently the weekend of the 17th they are having something like a Pioneer day. Lots of artisans. So, in case I can't make it I am going for my look today. Then off to Deseronto to some kind of show that is supposed to be on in that area. In short, I am escaping for the day. To much work and to much 20 year old are more than I can bear. lol. I need the break.
I've been out in my garden and something is eating my marigolds. I stirred the soil up a little bit hoping to expose the varmits but they're quick. Off to the pool this afternoon and hopefully don't get to burnt.
My knitting is sitting next to me as I type, begging to be finished.
Maybe tonight and I will surprise you all at knitting on Tuesday.

Have a great day you guys. Enjoy it. The laundry, dishes and housework will wait. The skies are blue and it's a gorgeous day. Good for the soul

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