Friday, July 23, 2010

Electric quilt 7

Electric Quilt 7 is now in the store. price is $189.95 for anyone interested. The Wonderfil thread for machine embroidery and machine quilting is now on half price. I have the Tuitti, Accent and Rayon in stock right now but going fast.
Our button exchange is in and all the great new buttons for fall are out. There are some interesting buttons for those of you who do Scrapbooking. It almost gets me in the mood to do some Scrapbooking myself.
The Line Dancing Girls were in this afternoon and purchased some of the cowboy boot buttons and are going to make pewter earings. It never ends. I always things to myself "pay attention there'll be a test on this in the morning". lol . For those of you wh are waiting for the Prym replacement lead, we now have it in stock and in colours as well.
There are several new quilting books that have just arrived for the "Art Quilter" out there.
For those of you who are interested we are having our Monthly hook In a week from today on Friday from 10-3, there are still some spaces left and we do have airconditioning.
Have a great weekend.
Mary Anne

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