Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chicken and Fish

I remember years ago one of my fellow parishioners telling me that she was back on a diet."How's it going" I asked. "Fine she says but my mother (who lived with them) is walking around muttering "chicken and fish, chicken and fish".
This week I celebrated my 53rd birthday and received the news that my cholesterol was through the roof and I needed to do soemthing about it. Lettuce and water was the first suggestion. Ha, Ha. My doctor has a sick sense of humour. With the help of my friends I have embarked on healthy living and I've got to tell you it's a drag. No more chocolate ( at least temporatily) lay off the desserts (hence the fruit and lack of birthday cake) wah, but I have to tell you that things are looking up and I am sleeping better and feeling better than I have felt in a long time and it's not that difficult. Yes, I have to have some self control but I think I have it in me. For those of you thinking on embarking on this course my suggestion is do it. You'll feel better in the long run and cheat only when really necessary.
Enough of that.
Friday was our monthly hook in and we had a blast. Not as many people out for the summer but it was well attended and we even had Elaine drop in and vist us from Thunder Bay. What a treat! I'm feeling intimidated. Although I got off to a great start my piece has alot of grass and alot of sky and I don't feel like I'm making headway. I drew in some flowers(out of boredom) and they will look nice in the landscape of my rug.
We missed you Janice.Although you were unable to attend we missed you and hope your Hubbys' retirement party went off well.
Pam challenged us to a trading card exchange with a sample of the trading cards she had made. I'm not sure how many picked up the challenge but remember they are small and you will be able to finish them. Janice had done some lovely ones at our Wednesday hook in and added beads and fancy threads and I could see myself challenged (God help me I think I'm taking something else on). The day was full of laughs and Betty explained what "clean up in aisle four" meant. lol
Barb Powers is off to Africa with St. Peters and they are buying medications to take with them that are hard to get there so I thought it only fitting to give the money we had collected so she can hand it over to the people in charge of shopping for medications. A worthwhile endeavor. Barb, have a great time in Africa. I know it's not a conventional holiday but you're doing a great thing.
We are quickly coming up on the Prince Edward County quilt show on the 11th and 12th of July and the girls and I are working hard to get ready.
Fabrics are rolling in daily and we hope to have a great show.
Cliff has the rug hooking frames done and on display in the shop for any of you that would like to see them. Cecile has commisioned him to do a quilt ladder to display her quilts. Funny how I could ask the same thing and perhaps not receive a yes quite so quickly. mmmmmmmm
Well I'm off to work at the flower shop shortly. All computer updates for the HST must be done and I am the go to girl. lol. If they only knew.
Have a great weekend ladies and gentlemen. John that one was for you.
Mary Anne


  1. Hi Maryanne: I'm from Winnipeg, also blog and am trying to eat healthily for cholesterol etc. I am on Canadian Quiltswapper's and Maryanne Kingston gave me your shop's name. We will be the Calaboogie area at the time of the quilt show and I hope to see you at your booth.

  2. I hope to see you too Dianne. Make sure you introduce yourself. The cholesterol change is actually working and not that hard. My 20 year old son commented last night that he can see a big change and I am sleeping soundly once again.