Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lincolns gone home

Well, we experienced our first overnight visit from Lincoln, Sheena and Kurts dog. OMG.
What a handful. This dog is taller than me when he stands on his hind legs and I had to break it to my daughter and son in law that he wasn't very well disciplined. You should know better than to tell parents that their child is not very well behaved. I'll practice that. I have six months.
I didn't realize how old our Jasper was until Lincoln arrived. Lincoln was looking forward to playing and Jasper was just not interested. I never saw him snarl and bark so much in my life. He is usually a very quiet subdued dog. Gilmour has finally come out of Travis's bedroom and his hair is no longer standing on end.
Life is back to normal or at least as we know it.
Off to plant in the garden

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