Saturday, June 12, 2010

This week.........

I t was a busy week at Andjareenas Place with our knitters turning out in full force as well as the Rug Hookers. Now, Betty I know you were there to stitch as well but the stitchers let me down this week. They're down with colds (not from me I hope) and just generally busy. Linda, I want to know why Mike didn't offere to take me to see the Chicks. My favorite and he's always offering but not this time lol. And the Eagles too. If I could figure out how to put the frown in this line I would. lol
As I am sewing and pleating dresses for smocking there is Christmas Fabric arriving in the back door. This year I am glad to see it arriving so early as I expect to have a "run off my feet" type of fall. The plan is to get working on those Christmas gifts early. We'll see. We haven't reached the first day of summer yet and I'm already talking about Christmas. Yuck.
Fabric has been arriving all week and I am really excited with some of my purchases. Fall yarns should be arriving in the next couple of weeks for those of you who knit all summer. The knitting group certainly keep pumping out the projects .
For all of you Hookers at Trent this week and Blue Mountain, hope you are having a great time and thinking about those of us at home working. Don't lose sleep over it , we'll  be pumping you for information when you return.
Cliff and I are dog sitting this weekend for Sheena and Kurt. Lincoln the Labrador is coming to stay with his Grandparents and if we are very good we might get him again. lol. Jasper is anticipating his arrival and Gilmour is looking for a bed to hide under.
Have a great weekend  everybody.
Here's Lincoln the puppy at 6 weeks. He's huuuuuuuuge

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