Saturday, March 27, 2010

Now how did that skein go on that swift again.......

All was going quite well and then I had a swift accident. I don't know what happened to that skein of yarn but it is now hanging from one side of the swift and I am trying to wind the the skein by hand and what a mess. I have another skein in the storeroom that is in worse shape for some reason and I'm debating whether to just set fire to it.
Lots and lots of Marble yarn has arrived in the store. I swear, they do not check their back orders and just keep filling them. Regardless of the numbers we seem to get in it still sells like crazy. I am now sure we have just about every colour available.
New selection of fabrics Stars and Coxcombs from Moda. It is a beautiful silky feeling cotton. Love it! A very busy day today and everyone seems to be finishing off a quilt. I am amazed at the number of quilts this weeks that needed borders and backing and then are off to the machine quilter. I received four quilts back this week from Hattie and need to get the binding on them and hang them.
I need to count our helmet liners and get a rough figure from some of the other shops involved to see how we are doing. I'm going to purchase a trunk of some sort to put them in as they are growing in number and I need to get a little more organized. I would guess that we have upwards of 100 or more in the storeroom.
I have had several Moms' with your men in the service in my shop in the last couple of days. I was amazed at the things people do for these young me and amazed that I was so out of the loop.
One Mom told me of all the dozens of cookies that she sends her son on a regular basis. When I mentioned this to a Grandmother she replied that she too sends cookies on a regular basis. Another Mom in today told me how she wraps them in order that they arrive safely. Some of these young men have no one. Call the Military Family Resource Centre or the Base itself and ask what you can do. It's good for the soul.
Sunday March 27th is the Health and Wellness Show at the Best Western in Cobourg. Plan to attend if you are able. Cecile will be there with her neck wraps but there will be lots of others and promises to be a good show. I will try to be there. Travis plays hockey in Gravenhurst on Sunday and I have to decide whether or not I can stand that drive. The Storm lead the series 1-0. Off to the rink tonight. I have no life.

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