Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a beautiful day...

I can't believe I'm doing it again but my goodness it was a beautiful day today. Having said that we'll probably get hit with a blizzard for my punishment.
We had a great turnout for knitting today. Everyone came to try out the new chairs and they were a huge success. lol
I left my knitting at home so I had to start a new pair of socks. I had a good excuse and a customer asked just the other day "what does this colour look like knit up"? So I'm just making everyone happy and knitting it up. There are so many knitting projects that I would like to do so I had better get it in gear. Cecile says she came to work to lose weight and after a year has lost only one pound. The Dr. told me that as you get older you gain two to three a year so I figure if she's only lost one she's really down three cause she refrained from gaining the other two right?
Bad Betty brought biscotti (say that three times) for our treat today. I think we're going to have to put some kind of treadmill in the storeroom soon.
The boys won their hockey game in Innissville last night so they have a week off (that means alot of laying around and playing video games) before heading off to Elliott Lake for the next round of the playoffs. Playing in this league we have seen a different part of Ontario. Living here in Trenton Travis has always played in what they refer to as the Lakeshore League and I don't remember going any farther north than Port Parry but with the Jr. Club he is playing for now we have been to Sturgeon Falls, Nippissing, Elliott Lake and others. The north is a beautiful place. You have to like snow and it wouldn't hurt to speak a little French when you get that far north.

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