Monday, March 29, 2010

Come on out Mr. Sun

Two gray days and I am feeling a bit down in the dumps. I have decided that I am definately affected by the weather. On days like this I find that I just can't seem to make any progress where as on sunny days I seem to be able to go on forever.
Cliff, trying to be a nice guy again, went down to Andjareenas on Sunday and turned my gardens over and cleaned out all the dead debris. I went down just in time to catch him in the act and have him put back the perennials he had dug up and in time to stop him from digging up the bulbs in the front garden. One good thing was he hadn't started on our own gardens at home and I would have gone a little strange had he ruined our gardens at home. It's still March people. Stay off the grass and out of the gardens.
Our shop hop is coming up fast. The Thursday after Easter we will have the shop in top form ready to entertain quilters from all over. I will be running some in store specials so keep your eyes peeled as the discounts will be deep.

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