Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another great day!

Wow! That says it all. It is early March we have very little snow and the sun is shining. I love it.
I spoke with a lovely 80plus lady today from Vancouver and her knitting group are joining in on Project Helmet Liner. What a great country we live in and what great citizens we have. She also gave me a few suggestions for a provisional cast on after the ribbing is done and when I hesitated for a moment she said " you sew don't you "? I was caught! I love to knit and I'm a pretty nice knitter but I would never say that I am the "Shop Knitter". That would be Cecile or would have been Sharon if she was still working. Know your place I always say. Don't try to BS your way out of anything because you know they're going to see right through you.
I knit socks and am proud of it.!
I left the Stitchers alone briefly this morning and Bad Betty and Linda decided that we are going off treats and starting next week it's going to be raw vegetables and fruit. Now I like both of the latter but is there going to be no more cookies, butter tarts or pumpkin bread ? Oh girls, say it isn't so. I figure we will all lose twenty pounds by the first of May at this rate. lol
Franny where are you ? You have been noticeably absent and I hope your tooth isn't giving you any problems.
Olive has a new great grandson and she was very excited on the phone today. Mother and baby are doing well as far as she knows.
Anyone out there that has any larger cardboard boxes Geri is looking to pack the clothes for Hatii in them. If you take them apart we will store them at the shop and Tom will put them back together as they need them. Thanks. If anyone has any ideas as to where to go and ask for boxes email me and we'll go after them.
You know you're in trouble when you're going over the inventory sheets and you don't recognize the names of some of the yarn. Not a good sign.
The boys are at hockey until after 8 so the Mom is in charge of the dinner tonight. Travs off to a birthday party at Kelseys so that just leaves Rico to feed and he is no problem at all. I''ve made some homemade chicken noodle soup and he can take it from there. They're a pretty good pair.
Most of the time.........

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  1. I thought about you on Thursday morning. Simon was home and we spent the day running around, I got very little stitching done. I will be there tomorrow morning. Now I have to see what I can bring that is healthy and fun to eat LOL. I will get out the Eat Thin and stay slim book. This weather is fantastic.