Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Maybe not yet but they say it's going to drop considerably overnight. Hopefully I didn't shut the heat off in the back room today when there were so many bodies in heating it up.
A very successful quilting group today. Everyone is honing their technique and ready to move on to the lap quilt that Cecile has prepared for class. She will be teaching on Monday afternoons. I know, we're not open on Mondays but we decided that this might be a good day to hold one of these classes. So many people moving in and out of the shop sometimes classes are interrupted and students who are trying to concentrate can't. Hopefully this will be a good thing.
I have just two borders left to put on Judy's blue and white dresden plate quilt and I must say that it is beautiful. There is just something about blue and white. I received four quilts back from Hattie and with any luck I will get the binding on one or two of them this weekend and be able to display them in the shop.
I just received two large fabric shipments yesterday. Stars and Cockscombs from Moda and an assortment of doggie prints and a beautiful cat print that is so clear that you feel like you are looking into a real cats face. I also received several tone on tone blacks for those of you who are making black and white quilts. I picked up some cotton with a metallic thread that is more fashion than quilting fabric. I couldn't resist. It would be great for shawls on a cool evening or beach cover ups or even dresses for summer. It was to neat for me to leave behind and the colours were fabulous.

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  1. Sorry I missed you this morning, I was at a serger class I had booked several weeks before. Will aim for next Thurs morning.