Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddys Day

To all of you I wish a very Happy St. Patricks Day as I sit hear drinking my green beer. Cliff picked up the food dye as he was picking up the prime rib, that he is outside barbecuing and insisted that I have a beer and get in the mood. I'm not sure what mood he wants me in but I'm a cheap date and one beer will be it for me.
Spring is in the air and although I know I'm not supposed to touch my lawn I am dying to get outside and rake and burn and clean up in the yard. I'm itching to start planting something so I think I'll get some peat pots and start some plants this weekend. For those of you at Canada Blooms enjoy yourself and bring me a little something to share for my garden.
No one's getting thin. Bad Betty is swimming like crazy but today Phyllis brought us two bite cupcakes with green sprinkles to celebrate the day. The idea is you are to eat one , two bite cupcake but I find that they are so small that we all eat more than one and therefore defeat the purpose.
A very sad day today. Carolyn formerly of the Bees Knees in Warkworth passed away. She fought a very valiant fight but in the end succumbed to the cancer that had invaded her body.
My thoughts are with her family at this time.

Live every day like it's your last.
May you be in heaven a half an hour before the devil knows your dead.

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