Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'll Try that again

What a day! I actually was five minutes late opening the door today and there were two people in the parking lot. That is you first clue. When that happens, and it does on occasion, I am usually busy all day and I wasn't disappointed. I tried for three hours to get the back room tidied up but it was twenty to one and Bev was at the back door already arriving for knitting.
Thank you to Barb for leaving behind her scarf pattern and sample for me to show the knitting group and also for the chemo cap. Everyone was very happy with the results and took a copy of the pattern with them to use up the balance of the Marble Chunky. Thanks to Maureen for the copy of her sock pattern. I found a copy left on the back table so I claimed it for myself.
New arrival of sock yarn today generated some excitement. Jawoll Bambus and Jawoll Magic.
Both are very nice yarns and are going quickly thanks to the Tuesday afternoon Knitters.
New arrivals of Sirdar Country Style Dk in a nice pale yellow and spring green.
I have two shipments of fabric coming and can't wait.

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