Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hook In

Fridays Hook In is full up. We have 20 hookers registered to be at the shop on Friday and we have been moving the back room around to make room. I think the fabric cutting table is going to have to go for one day. That is not a big deal but the trouble is the stuff under the table.
Now, I should know better but when someone asks the answer is always "put it under the cutting table". You can only imagine what can emerge from under the table. Good thing I cleaned up the store room on Saturday. Cliff thinks the shelf is going to fall off the wall and doesn't like the way it bows in the centre but I keep checking the brackets in the wall and so far so good. Keep your fingers crossed.
Bad Betty showed up with cookies again today but they were on sale she says and this is the last time. Want to bet?
I power walked home tonight. Not that far but every little bit helps right?
Travis is off to Elliot Lake to play hockey for the next three days. They've arrived in one piece and all is well. Cliff's having separation anxiety and I'm putting my feet up and enjoying the holiday. lol
Mary Anne

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