Monday, March 15, 2010

What a weekend!

Well, as most of you who know me know that Travis is in playoffs for the Deseronto Storm. The Storm played the Elliott Lake Bobcats last night and beat them 7-0. Tempers were fairly good until the last ten minutes of the game when boys will be boys and the hits were flying as well as I'm sure the yipping on the ice. I am beginning to think that it takes a special kind of person to be a referee. You are verbally abused by the fans and then have to take the guff on the ice from the players unless, when you have finally had enough, get a trip to the penalty box.
Keep your fingers crossed as we play them again on Monday night and then are off to Elliott Lake for another game. I don't know how those young men endure that 8.5 hour bus trip but they do and that is definatley the sign of dedication for me. Travis says the view is beautiful but there is nothing else up there to entice him to stay. Lots of elderly retirees who were all very polite to our boys and wished them well with their hockey match. Nice!
Sheena's husband Kurt, played sledge hockey in Sundridge on Saturday night but they were beat out of playoffs by that team. Unfortunate as that is a very long ride home to Oshawa after losing a hockey game. They are hosting the championships in Oshawa this year and that will be a bit of a disappointment but you do what you have to do in this game. Durham Steelhawks will recover and move on for next year. If any of you have been watching the paralympic hockey it is not a sport for the fainthearted.
Moving on......
I have a good portion of my rug hooked. I find it very difficult to stay on task. Once I get a small portion done I am dying to move to the next colour. I decided to mix some Noro boucle in with my wool fabric and am loving the outcome. The texture that I am getting is really amazing.
Back to work Tuesday.

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