Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How sweet it is.

Bad Betty didn't let me down. Today we had cookies and miniature butter tarts.
Did anyone notice that I had sneakers on today? I'm warming those puppies up for a big walk 'cause if I keep eating like this I'm going to need it. Don't worry Betty your secret is safe with me. Linda doesn't need to know that we aren't eating healthy all week. We'll eat carrots on Thursday. yum
New arrivals
I had new quilt books arrive today. After counting the books on the weekend I don't know how I had the nerve to buy more books but I did. There are some interesting, just released titles and I only bought one of each so hurry in and check them out.
I think only one colour of Marble Chunky arrived today so be patient as the girls bought up all the purple jewel before it was out of the box. I will order it again in the morning.
Friday is our Hook In and it is booked solid so for those of you who didn't book early I apologize.
This is going to become a regular thing for us so I will keep everyone informed as to when the next Hook In will be.
Mary Anne

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