Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Official

Well, it is official. Spring is here. Walking into Walmart I saw three young girls, one of whom was wearing flip flops and shorts. Come on people, we're going to have a great weekend but then we will be back in the single digits according to the weather man (like he knows anything), but I think the flip flops are pushing it. Were we like that as kids? I'm sounding like my Mother.
Lots of knitters out to group on Tuesday and everyone is making great headway on their projects except perhaps me. I promise to pick up the slack this week and perhaps even finish something by the next meeting. I had a rather disturbing call that the lady at MFRC here in Trenton has been telling people that we have enough helmet liners. Not so. Rosemary Kirby spoke with her yesterday and straightened out the error and she is now back in the loop as to what is going on so keep knitting. Often I don't return calls if I get busy and forget but this has brought the importance of following up on those calls to my attention. I promise to do better.
We are working hard to prepare for the Quilters Shop Hop on April 8th,9th, and 10th so I really hope it is a great weekend and I see lots of quilters out for a visit.
For those of you going to the Rug Hooking Annual in Cobourg don't forget to register for the weekend if you wish to get in before the Sunday. Even if you are a member of the OHCG you won't get in unless you register. Remember this sort of event raises funds to support future events and we all want plenty of those so make sure you register.

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