Friday, February 5, 2010

Off to the Salt Mines

Off to work on this gray Friday morning. It's a bit of a joke about the Salt Mines because I don't think to many people are fortunate enough to work at something they love every day.
I love to stitch, knit, sew and rug hook and do I have it made in my job. It is a joy to go to work everyday and I have great customers who are really more like friends.
St. Georges Church in Trenton in hosting a Knit In for the "Helmet Liners for the Troops" on Saturday February 13th from 10-3 and I hope as many of you can be there as possible. I will be unable to attend that day as I will be at Lottie Jones Florist helping with flowers for all you lovers out there. We will host a "Knit In" on a smaller scale in the shop at a later date and I will encourage the knitting guilds and shops in the area to do the same thing.
I have spoken to the Knitting Nimrod in Belleville, Knitting in a Haystack in Picton, the Robins Nest in Brighton, Pine Ridge Knit and Sew in Trenton and Happenstance in Peterborough. All of these shops are involved as well as Northumberland Needles and Pins. Hope I got the name of the Guild correct. Any of these places are drop off locations or you can pick up your patterns and yarn at their shops. This has been a great success so far and I love to see Canadians coming together for such a wonderful cause.
Several of my sons friends signed up and it was a real awakening for me. They are 19 and 20 year old men and they are off serving their country. I'm glad we can do something for them.
Off to work
Mary Anne

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  1. Are the liners difficult to knit? I'm TERRIBLE at knitting but I'll give them a go if there is a chance I won't get tangled up.