Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hookers Meet

Wednesday is Hookers Day at Andjareenas
Beginners meet in the morning and the advanced classs meet in the afternoon.
They are learning sculpting and everytime I go to the back room I see a beautiful new flower develop or a thistle and I know this is leading to a new rug.
Cliff can't seem to stay out of the shop on the days that there are classes. Very nosy and has to drop the one liners "I heard there were a bunch of hookers in here". Everyone giggles and I roll my eyes as we've heard the joke a million times. It's funny how those little things still make you smile.
Thursday morning we stitch . Everyone is welcome . We stitch anything from cross stitch to brazillian embroidery to Hardanger. I love this group as there is a vast array of stitching going on and it is at all levels . I must confess that I need to stay away from the cross stitchers because if I don't I'll be starting another project and I really need to finish some things.
The Shop Hop Quilt is going well and I hope to hang it shortly.
I will be off to the flower shop for Valentines Day so that will put a little cramp in my style but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
The knitters have really been out in full force this week. I think it's the sunny weather and the need to get out of the house. It's February after all and although it's been a great winter it's still winter.
An update on Canada Blast
At our meeting at city hall the sound analyst asked what the noise sounded like. Have you ever tried to answer a question like that? Do you want me to do a verbal demonstration of the noise?
Or do you want some kind of description in words? One of the gentlemen that walks his dog in Hannah Park stood up and yelled "it sounds like a Herc". A Herc? What do you mean?
You're kidding me. The sound anyalist is in Trenton . Doesn't he know what a Herc sounds like.
I'd like you all to do a verbal of what a Herc sounds like.
ya right!
Anyway, I digress. Tonight when I came home I said to Cliff, "sounds like a Herc". His reply,
that's right.

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