Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Olympic Rant

As promised this is my Olympic Rant.
Give it up already people. I have never seen so much complaining in my life. Finding fault with everything from the opening ceremonies, the weather and the untimely death of an olympic athlete.
First I have to say that as a parent my heart goes out to the family of the Georgian athlete who died as a result of a horrific accident. No one is making light of this. The International Luge people must have some kind of input into the design of the luge in the first place. I am not laying blame but you've got to know that this is a dangerous sport. I can hardly watch it as I'm always waiting for something awful to happen and this year it did.
I think the Olympic committee did a great job on the opening ceremonies and even one of my French customers thought they made it bilingual enough and she couldn't understand the complaints.
Now I know that we have a hotline to Mother Nature but isn't this pushing it a little to much?
I can hardly wait till the games in Britain so that I can rear my nasty Canadian attitude when things go awry.
The whole world needs to have a little more compassion for each other and a whole lots less criticism.
Onward and upward.
We had a great Stitchers Group this morning . Marie Paul is working on her 43rd 2 1/2" quilt block and Betty is happily working away on a tapestry that I think she has had for awhile. Linda nearly has all the greenery done in her embroidered piece (it's enormous and I can hardly wait for the flowers to develop) and Judy is knitting socks and taking a break from hand quilting while I am smocking a baby bonnet for spring.
The Thursday afternoon Block of the month group are really doing a great job and I notice that they are all feeling so much more confident in their work and that is what teaching is really all about. Cecile is doing a great job and they are having fun.
Until tomorrow................

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