Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is in the Air

Well, the lovers are out in full force today. I think I have broken all my nails and my hands are turning green from the fern and greenery. I have thorns in my hands from the roses and it will take me a week to get my hands in shape for knitting and quilting. Oh well, it's worth it. I have handled a few hundred beautiful roses today, some amazing gerbra daisies in every colour imagineable and the tulips, iris and lilies are top notch. There are some days that I miss working in the flower shop but I am always happy to return to my own little piece of the world when the holiday ends.
Cecile was in charge today so hopefully the shop ran smoothly. It takes alot to ruffle her feathers so I am sure all went well.
I'm not sure if any of you realize that it was Cecile that knit the reproduction of the Barbara Ann Scott sweater that is on display now in Toronto. I understand that because the original sweater is quite fragile that it will remain in the Sports Hall of Fame and that the one Cecile knit will be travelling. Our knitters group analyzed over this sweater for some time. We were lucky enough to have very good pictures to study so that the pattern could be decided but it was Cecile who was given the job of knitting it.
I have to say that Vancouver did a great job on the opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games.
I am very disappointed with the protesters. There is a time and place for everything and although I understand that they make more of an impact when the world is watching but the violence that happened today was not acceptable and they just looked like a bunch of criminals.
Go for the gold!!

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