Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home at last!

I am glad to leave Valentines Day behind me and be back in the shop. We had a smaller than usual turnout of knitters this week but some are also involved with the Trent Valley Quilters and as they meet the third Tuesday afternoon of the month we tend to lose a few bodies.
If found two more socks in my knitting bag, neither of which match. The next step is to find the yarn so those socks can have matching companions. The hunt is on. I am working on a childs sweater in the meantime but my eyes are peeled for those two elusive balls of yarn.
Beginner hookers start a new session of classes this morning and the intermediates tie up their last class this afternoon. Unfortunately there has been alot of illness this year and it's been hard to wrap up classes.
Thursday afternoon quilters has been moving along quite nicely with the ladies learning some new techniques and generally just feeling a little more confident in reading patterns and their sewing. We forget that not everyone spends their days knitting or sewing all day and sometimes we take that for granted and assume they don't always need our help. Point taken. If we ask questions about your project we are only trying to help you out and not to critique.
I have found that this is a real problem and that is why I am addressing it in this post. Customers are feeling very intimidated and are constantly pointing out any little seam that doesn't seem to intersect perfectly. Pleeeeeeeeeeeez. One customer said to me "if you can't see it from the 401 don't worry about it. I concur. Yes, it is nice to be perfect although I wouldn't know how that feels. I'm not and never intend to be. I leave that job to someone else. If I was working that hard at being perfect I wouldn't be enjoying the things I do. Lifeis short. If you are enjoying what you are doing, don't sweat the small stuff. And for you well meening quilters that feel the need to point out that their seams are out by 1/16th of an inch. We'll be checking your work. ggg
Apparently I have lost the job of cook. Cliff has added ham and scallop potatoes to his list.
I surrender. He is actually quite pleased with himself. The only problem I have is that I don't measure anything so in order to write a recipe for things I make is difficult. Men like exact measurements. So when you say two to three cups of milk the question is " is it two or three"?
Answer, if two is enough it's two otherwise it's three. He just shakes his head. Travis seems to thing the scallop potatoes were some of the best he's every had. Traitor. I'll get even with him.

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