Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Arrivals

I love starting the week out with a delivery from Canada Post. Shortly after 9 a.m. Mr. Whaley delivered me a nice box of yarn from Mango Moon. In it were some very brightlycoloured woven Tibetin Bags as well as matching woven needle cases. The orange bag was the first to go as I knew it would be but we still have plenty left to choose from. Some very neat recycled silk yarns, some with beads and a very thin thread with beads that you can mix with the yarn of your choice. I thought I would like to make a pair of wrist warmers with the Alpaca Paints lace weight yarn and the beads mixed together. Cooool!
Janice D. showed up today with the cutest hat and pattern for the Fixation yarn from Cascade. One ball makes this ruffled hat that is knit in the round for your little cutie for the spring. Lots of colours to choose from.
Cubicle quilts is the latest thing that Cecile is up to and I have to say she is working with colours that I have never seen her use before and turning out some pretty amazing stuff.
I have ordered a swift and ball winder that I can hardly wait to arrive as I am dying to knit a pair of socks out of the silk and wool by the skein but I don't dare try to wind it into a ball or I could end up wrapped up in it. No patience.
Wednesday hookers tomorrow and I am working on a Deanne Fitzpatrick peice, Lady on the Path. I tried to resist but finally gave in. I am saving this project for Wednesdays and Mondays in Campbellford when I finally get there.
Saturday I am going to be in Warkworth at the town hall for a Knit In. Anyone interested in me bringing something particular please let me know and I will do my best to remember.
Canada vs. Germany game is about to start. Let's hope we are able to get by them tonight.
I have to say after my rant on the Olympics, Brian Burke gets interviewed and true to form tells it like it is. He thinks that Vancouver is great, Canada is great and is sick and tired of people bitching and complaining about the games and about the Canadians.
You go Brian!!

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