Monday, April 19, 2010

Trenton, A funny place to live

This might get a rise out of people but Trenton is a funny place to live. We are the gateway to the Trent and yet our Marina is sadly lacking compared to Belleville just down the road. We build our Town Hall and our grocery stores on the water instead of hotels and businesses that would attract people to the town. Especially boaters. If you can afford a boat then you have disposable income. I think it is sad they way our downtown has changed over the last 30 years.
I may be dating myself but I can remember when there were at least six ladies shops in town, three shoe stores, two music stores, at least one childrens store and four jewellery stores. We had all this.
You might think this is going somewhere and as this is my blog and a place for me to lay it all out for you here it comes. What a beautiful day on Sunday. We have about an acres of property and I must admit over the last 16 years of Travis playing hockey and ball hockey and soccer in the summer, it has been neglected. So, out we go on Sunday morning to cut down and burn the overgrowth only to have to put up with the roar of trucks from the factory that moved in three years ago. Between the constant cycling of the refridgerated units going off and on and the noise from this ungodly fan on the back of the building you can only imagine what it does to the day for us. Our neighbours managed to sell their home after livng here for only seven months. They decided to buy anywhere but in Quinte West. I know every town or city has its problems but I honestly cannot believe that this has been going on for so long. The older people that are having problems with it have taken to putting styrofoam in the windows to help block some of the sound or moving to one floor of their home so as not to put up with the noise. All of us that go out to work every day don't seem to be able to get away from the stress and the noise and we are getting little support from City Hall. They are conducting a noise study in May but we'll see how that turns out and if I'm right I don't think we will see any change. There were upwards of 25 residents that showed up at the meeting at City Hall and they were angry. Remember the guy who flew his aircraft into the IRS building in the U.S. No one would listen to him. None of us own an aircraft thank God. Canada Blast has left Wellington aka Midtown Meats and have set up shop in Trenton. My understanding from our retired fire chief was that Wellington residents had a class action lawsuit against them and lost. I wonder what for.
Residents have been in touch with the city, Lou Rinaldi, Gary Muloin from the Ministry of the Environment but to no avail. Some of us have had our lives changed forever and the wheels of justice are grinding far to slowly. The big fear is that nothing will get done. I have lived in this house for 26 years and like my property but the idea of selling and getting out of Trenton is becoming a reality.
Thanks for letting me rant.


  1. Not a totally sleepness night but a sleep interupted night as well as the constant noise all day on Sunday. They load the reefers up on Friday and then leave them running for the entire weekend. Two of them are at the front of the property facing the house directly across the road that is now sold and we had three parallel with our back yard on Sunday. They are extremely annoying and if you were doing any entertaining in your yard that's all you can hear.
    Ticks me off