Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another great day

The weather was great today and although the skies were blue and the sun was shining I think I need to still wear socks and shoes in the morning and forget the sandals.
Our knitters met today and we are all feverishly knitting. I think I only had to cast on the socks twice and got about two rows done before everyone dispersed. It was a busy day and everyone was out. Nice to see Pauline back and Ann is making great headway on with her Marble Chunky project. What were you knitting on Janice? I can't even remember and you were sitting across the table from me and I'm not sure what Bad Betty was knitting on either come to think of it. I think I had better pay closer attention to you two.
I had two more calls today regarding the helmet liners. The ladies from the West Coast are going to ship their helmet liners to the base there and get them to Ottawa that way. If you are doing this make sure that they are marked for Project Santa Claus. I was going to have them all come to the shop but already people have started sending them in so as long as they are marked properly I don't see why that should be a problem. I agreed to do this when asked by our local librarian but I am not in charge. Anyone wanting to add their two cents feel free to jump in.
I have at least three knitting projects on the go and am dying to knit with some of the lace weight alpaca but will have to do it from the closet as I am sure our knitters group won't let that go by without a comment. lol

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