Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Gathering was great as usual

The Gathering in Port Hope was great as usual. These ladies really outdo themselves every year. As soon as the vendors pull in everyone spills out into the parking lot to help us unload and get setup. At the end of the day when we are all tired, these same ladies help us carry everything out to the car and help us load up to go home. A big thank you to them and to the rest of you who are organizing shows I have to tell you that it really makes the vendor feel welcome and appreciated. Thanks again. Oh yeah, and they bake and feed you all day. Love it!\
Lamburgers were terrific as usual and I was able to get Jasper his peanut butter dog bisquits.
I had my Noro knitting books on sale at the show and will leave them up for this week at 50% off. With the regular price for these books being $27.00 I think it's a bargain that some won't want to miss.
This coming Friday is our Hook In and is booked solid for now but we do have a waiting list if you are interested in leaving your name. We hook from 10 a.m. till noon for beginners on Wednesdays and then from 1-3 p.m. for intermediates at a cost of $5.00. Janice is there to help but she opted for this instead of classes at this time so that she can get things finished for the annual and yet you can still get some help in the meantime. It also allows you to take a day off if necessary and not miss a class. Thanks Janice.
Well, my baby boy turned twenty yesterday and from the look of him on the couch at 4:30 a.m. I think he had a good time.
Anyone missing a set of truck keys? If so, we have them. Let me know if you extra set is missing.

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