Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

Today we stitched. Linda's piece is coming along beautifully. After much research she is really moving on it and it is very lovely. Her hydrangeas turned out really well and look like the real thing.
Mango Moon is back in stock. I received a new shipment of the Tibetan purses as well as some recycled silk and a very interesting skein of batik . It is a little wild looking but I have seen a vest knit out of it and it's really kind of neat.
Everyone must have been quilting all winter as I seem to be selling quilt backs and batts at an alarming rate. It is so nice to see everyone completing projects that I have sold them fabric for.
I find all the groups that we have meeting in the shop very satisfying. Knitters are turning out garments at warp speed and the Hookers are really turning out some amazing pieces as well as the stitchers who meet on Thursday morning. Judy has hand pieced several sets of placemats as well as quilts and Bad Betty finishing off her tapestries . I have put my smocking away somewhere in the storeroom and can't locate it but I did manage to get the binding on the puzzle quilt today. Fran we missed seeing you too.
This is the end of our hockey this weekend. If we win the next two games we win the Russell Cup and I can retire from the hockey circuit. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm taking my rug, my socks that I have just started and my Crofter DK sweater that needs finishing. If it is like any other trip I won't get anything done on any of the items.
The weekend looks like it's going ot be a great one so all of you have a blast and Happy Easter

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