Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shop Hop huge success

Every year I do worry about how things will go and no one disappointed me this year. The Shop Hop was a huge success for everyone as far as I can tell. I am so glad. Lots of work go into these events and we are always left wondering what could be done better but things went very well this year. Thank you to all our regular customers who participated and a big thank you to all of you who drove quite a distance to come and support the hop. We really appreciate your commitment to quilting.
Next is The Gathering at Port Hope community centre. I'll be packing this week and hope to see all the spinners, weavers and knitters there. This is a great show for us. I like to go just to visit with everyone and the girls that run this show are fantastic. They help me carry everything in and out at the end of the day and then on top of that they also feed me. They are great cooks and if you have never been to this show it is an even you don't want to miss. The whir of the spinning wheels and lots of people bring their knitting and some of them bring their hooking. Hope to see you there.

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