Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a day!

The first day back from the show and I had an enormous amount of unpacking to do. The mindset is , if you don't take it with you you can't sell it. Hence the amount of goods that go in and come out of the van. Although we had a great show there still is alot of unpacking to do. I managed to get most of it done today, but by noon I knew it wasn't getting done today. My knitters arrived at 1:00 and that was the end of the unpacking. Thanks to Maureen for the updated sock pattern. This is a very informative group and if one doesn't have the answer someone else does. There is lots to learn from these ladies. I am always so surprised at the sweaters, socks and afghans that are constantly being pumped out. I feel slightly inadequate as I rip another pair of socks off the needle. Lost count of the stitches or something .There is always an excuse. Bad Betty on the other hand looks like she has that sweater nearly done.

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