Monday, May 31, 2010

A beautiful day

What a beautiful day outside today. We managed to plant our flower gardens and after much direction from Cliff, and much complaining about his direction from me, we got the job done.
There is alot to be said for perennials and this fall I'm going to add more. Cliff loves lots of colour and petunnias fill the bill for him so we were off to Wains Greenhouses in Brighton and honestly I think he started to salivate when we got out of the car. They still have a wonderful selection of annuals and their hanging baskets are the best I've seen. This ones for you Janice. While we're looking the first thing he says is " would you like some red and white"? I just stared him down and he realized his gaff as I had already explained your red and white theme. lol

Friday's hook in was a success but we missed Janice and Tina although Tina did drop in with her friend from Manhattan. Welcome to Canada.
I've decided to hold the Hook In on the last Friday of every month so we are booking now!
If any of you have a moment on Thursday, stop in and see Linda O'Connors work of art. She has been planning this piece for well over a year and it is all of a sudden coming together. They are embroidered wildflowers in stumpwork and it is the finest work I've seen. She has done a thistle that you could reach out and touch.
Mary Anne

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