Monday, May 3, 2010

Hook In a Huge Success

What a weekend! The Annual Hook In held in Cobourg this year was amazing. A huge display of rugs and talent. My hat is off to Janice Daniels and crew for organizing a great weekend. There is always criticism but to those who criticize I suggest you try to arrange something of this magnitude. As a vendor it couldn't have been better. Customers were friendly and generous and for that I thank you. As vendors we don't always get to see the venue as much as we would like to but I took lots of pictures. Although I see their progress on their work all the time it still amazes me what these men and women turn out. The thought that goes into designing some of these rugs is incredible and my hat is off to all of you. Geri and I had a great time.
I understand that the Cataraqui Guild's stitchery show was a huge success as well. That's good to know as it is always difficult to squeeze two things in on the same weekend but some of my girls managed to do just that. Good for you for supporting all efforts.

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