Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day is finally over

For those of you that know me well, you know we also own a flower shop. At Mothers Day week each year I drag myself down to the shop to engage in my original career of floral designer and this year was no different. Last spring when the markets went in the pot we were concerned about Mothers Day but as usual people didn't let their mothers down. This year was bigger and better. As I get older and think I can no longer stand on my feet for that long I amaze even myself. Even more amazing is my 80 year old mother who keeps up with all of us. I am ashamed that I whine so much about my back and neck from standing for twelve hours on a cement floor. She just keeps pluggin away and rarely says anything. The younger generation are just whimps. My words, not hers. I think I put in my forty hour work week into four days. Back to Andjareenas on Tuesday.
I hope all Mothers were looked after as well as I was at Mothers Day. Travis brought home two beautiful hanging baskets to go with the new trellis and plant stand that Cliff bought for my gardens. I have been complaining about the wooden trellis's he built so he has replaced them with metal ones that are just beautiful. Guys just don't get it. He figured the plant covers the wooden one he slapped together and no one would notice but me. He is probably right but I wanted the pretty one.
We have had some great new fabric arrivals lately but I haven't had the time to enjoy them much. I am always looking for a deal and fabic companies seem to be in the mood so keep checking back as things are arriving weekly.
Knitters and Rug Hookers alike should keep an eye on some of the new yarns that are arriving to support their craft. Hope to see everyone out to knitting on Tuesday afternoon and don't forget we have a Hook In at the end of the month.

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