Friday, May 14, 2010

It feels like summer

No rain today. The weather is beautiful out there. I think tomorrow I will head in early and perhaps plant the perennials that Geri so generously dug out of her garden to dontate to my flower beds. We all know that I don't know the name of the plants but I will do my best to make them grow. I'm a florist not a gardener.
Rosemary Kirby has a facebook page for those of you who are doing the helmet liners. When I figure out how to get on it I will post the info so that you can all link up and see what is going on.
I'm hoping the other shops will post their numbers so that we can see how the mission is progressing. I suggested to Rosemary that we could have a Knit In at the shop this summer and she asked if Bad Betty and the crew would be there. I Love It! See you there Bad Betty.
A little quiet in the shop today but I am sewing up a storm. It is kind of nice to work away quietly after the past week at the Flower Shop.
Manos has a new yarn that I am interested in and will be ordering this week. It is good to felt and hook with and also great for felting. I hope to have that ordered next week.
I had a bolt of cotton and bamboo batting arrive this week. 90 inches wide for $14.99 a meter
a steal , so I've heard.
There is some new sock yarn coming as well. Knits to about a 3 ply and hopefully it will be in next week. Probably won't arrive in time for the knitters group on Tuesday but definately sometime next week.
Already they are contacting me for fall yarns. I hate buying off season.
Cliff outdid himself again tonight. Striploins, fried onions and mushrooms and he makes the best mashed potatoes. I'm not sure what goes into them. Travis was even impressed. I'm hanging up my apron

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