Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday morning stitching

We were a noisy group this morning at Andjareenas Place. Wow, so many opinions on so many different subjects. No more discussion on hockey. lol.
Franny was working on this beautiful piece of white work that leaves me wanting to start a piece of my own. I keep repeating over and over , don't do it. Sharon U. has some beautiful knitted cowls for spring that made me want to start another knitting project, and again I have to tell my self  not to start another thing.
Judy is working away and has done quite a bit of hand piecing on her new quilt and I am ready to put the final border on my quilt for Quilts of VAlour. Started on Monday end date maybe Saturday. Now that's my kind of project.
Hookers meet on Friday . Dastardly Deb is ditching us for the sewing show in Toronto but Bad Betty and I will be there to keep everyone in line. lol
These groups that meet on a regular basis keep us all sane and are cheaper than medication. lol
See ya tomorrow and to all who are off to the city for the show , have a great time.

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