Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you.
Andjareenas will be closed on Good Friday and open again on Saturday from 10-4p.m.
I hope to spend a little time with the family and see those adorable grandchildren I am so fortunate to have. Carter is walking and I'm sure Peyton will not be far behind.
On another note:

Frill Seeker black and white is back in stock but don't wait long as it won't last and is always difficult to get.
Frill Seeker twisted is in stock and doing very well. This yarn has been very well received and is only available in three colours as, you guessed it, it is sold out. I try to keep the supply up but this yarn has just exploded into the market place making it difficult to keep in stock. Check often, as the shipment seems to turn up when we least expect it.
For those of you who have been waiting for Sock Looms they are now in stock. These are a popular item as well so don't wait as the supply is limited.

Mary Anne

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